1. Parts produced: Aluminum automotive parts


    Our customer contacted us because the coolant cutting fluid he was working with was causing a high rate of rejected parts due to yellow spots that were appearing on the surface.

    He had previously changed his supplier to try to solve the problem but was still experiencing similar issues.


    One of our laboratory technicians went to the customer’s plant to collect data and to learn about the characteristics of the production system and the parts being machined.

    Based on the material properties and operating conditions, our lab technicians recommended using METALCOOL 312 in a concentration range of 10.0 to 12.0%.

  • No presence of stains
  • Better finish and more brightness
  • Better part protection

A machining fluid for any severity

应用: 金属加工

解决方案: METALCOOL 310


Spotless machining and better finishes

应用: 金属加工

解决方案: METALCOOL 312

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