1. Parts produced: Discs and gears
    2. Machinery: Smeral 2000


    The graphite-free lubricant our customer was using was leaving residues on the coldest parts of the die. The company was producing approximately 2000 parts per die and was requiring constant replacements, which was causing higher maintenance costs and an increase in downtime.


    After performing an adhesion test between the competitor’s product and our lubricants. Metalflow’s R&D department proposed FORFLOW 2401 release agent. A graphite-free, water-based lubricant formulated with organometallic salts, that avoids the presence of residues on the die.

  • Reduced presence of fires and fumes
  • Increased productivity and reduced maintenance costs
  • Better working conditions

Longer die life at high temperatures

应用: 锻造

解决方案: FORFLOW 1006


Fewer repairs and higher productivity

应用: 锻造

解决方案: FORFLOW 3400