1. Parts produced: Aluminum cylinder heads for automotive engines


    Our customer was producing cylinder heads for automobile engines with the gravity casting process and was using a protective paste to coat the ladles which applied the aluminum.

    With the competitor’s product they were experiencing issues with the casting of the ladles and poor durability of the film, resulting in downtime and re-application.


    After visiting the customer’s plant and studying their production process and needs, our R&D department recommended the CRISOLFLOW grease. CRISOLFLOW products are protective pastes for ladles and channels, which extend their lifetime and facilitate metal flow.

    With the CRISOLFLOW paste, productivity rates improved significantly and maintenance costs decreased.

  • 24% increase in aluminum pouring from the ladle in the form of rolls
  • Higher productivity and lower maintenance costs
  • Average duration of each application increased by 7%.

Long-lasting film

应用: 重力&低压铸造

解决方案: CASTFLOW GR 400


Optimum and long-lasting ladle protection

应用: 重力&低压铸造