1. Parts produced: Fixing flanges


    Our customer was working with a graphite-based lubricant and was experiencing seizures and damages in forged parts. Working at very high temperatures the results were positive but the cycle times were longer and the quality of workmanship lower.

    Our goal was to find a lubricant that would give optimum results working at 110ºC.


    After performing the appropriate tests and trying out the product in the plant, Metalflow’s R&D department proposed FORFLOW 1300 release agent.
    A graphite-based lubricant that allows creating film at low temperatures and manufactures medium complexity parts.

  • Reduced presence of fires and fumes
  • Increased productivity and reduced maintenance costs
  • Better job quality

Longer die life at high temperatures

应用: 锻造

解决方案: FORFLOW 1006


Removal of residues in the die

应用: 锻造

解决方案: FORFLOW 2401


Fewer repairs and higher productivity

应用: 锻造

解决方案: FORFLOW 3400