1. Parts produced: Crankshafts
    2. Machinery: Farina GLF 4000


    Our customer’s concentrate lubricant was suffering from separation problems, which was causing lubrication problems and die damage. The dies needed to be replaced regularly, increasing maintenance costs and downtimes.


    After carrying out the necessary tests, our R&D department recommended FORFLOW 1006 release agent. A water-based graphite dispersion designed to work with high requirement parts.

    The 1000 series is designed to work at high temperatures avoiding the presence of fire and extending the life of the die, while preventing metal-to-metal contact.

  • 20% increase in die life
  • Increased productivity and reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased stability of the concentrate over time

Forging at low-temepratures

应用: 锻造

解决方案: FORFLOW 1300


Fewer repairs and higher productivity

应用: 锻造

解决方案: FORFLOW 3400


Longer die life at high temperatures

应用: 锻造

解决方案: FORFLOW 1006