1. Produced parts: Truck tires


    Our customer was producing 30kg aluminum truck wheels using two treatments: a primer film and an insulating film.

    Productivity with this process was very low, 7 wheels per hour were being produced, and the lubricant layer had to be repaired every 2 hours and replaced every 4 days. This increased maintenance shutdowns and reduced the productivity of the plant.


    After performing the relevant tests and several tests in the manufacturing plant, our R&D department proposed two release agents of the CASTFLOW GR line, a specific lubricant for the lateral and upper parts of the die casting mold and another one for the die base.

    With Metalflow’s low pressure and gravity die casting release agents, our customer was able to extend the need for repairs:

    • Minor film repairs every 2 days
    • Re-application of the product every 12 days
    • Die cleaning and new product application every 20 days.

  • 80% downtime reduction
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower production costs

Optimum and long-lasting ladle protection

应用: 重力&低压铸造



Long-lasting film

应用: 重力&低压铸造

解决方案: CASTFLOW GR 400

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