1. Parts produced: Tulips


    Our customer contacted us because the graphite-based lubricant they were using was failing to protect the die and was causing metal-to-metal contact.

    The lubrication of the die was not adequate and this was provoking constant repairs and shutdowns. The production rate was quite low and the costs were too high, as the dies had to be replaced often.


    After conducting the necessary tests, our R&D department proposed FORFLOW 3400 release agent. An oil-based graphite dispersion with Pro-coat technology designed to achieve superior die lubrication and prevent metal-to-metal contact.

    Lubricants with Pro-coat technology contain a wide range of particle sizes to protect and lubricate all defects that the die may have, extending its lifespan and reducing maintenance costs.

  • Increased die life by 20%.
  • Higher productivity and reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced metal-to-metal contact

Longer die life at high temperatures

应用: 锻造

解决方案: FORFLOW 1006


Removal of residues in the die

应用: 锻造

解决方案: FORFLOW 2401


Fewer repairs and higher productivity

应用: 锻造

解决方案: FORFLOW 3400