At Metalflow we work together to assure that quality, productivity and the growth of your business becomes a reality.

Flexibility, dynamism, creativity, innovation, proximity, coherence and adaptability are the values behind each and every one of our decisions and what makes us an excellent ally.


Our aim is to offer the lubrication solution that best suit the needs of our customers. Our R&D team studies each situation and adapts our products to the goals and unique circumstances of each company.


We are there for you, supporting and advising you through personalized monitoring of all the projects we take part in. Our Units around the world allow us to help and advise our customers anywhere and offer them a personal and close relationship.


Research is a fundamental part of our philosophy. We work daily to delevope new technologies and make our solutions as efficient as possible in order to improve our customers’ results and reduce their cycle times.

We strive every day to help our customers achieve excellence and we focus on offering them lubrication solutions tailored to their requirements while always maintaining our principles and values.

Behind our products there is a family, a competitive company with industrial character but passionate about the business.