Achieve better lubrication at low temperatures and reduce cycle times

Enables forging operations at low temperatures, reducing cycle times and increasing productivity.

Cold Filming technology products are formulated with special chemical additives that accelerate film formation at lower temperatures, ensuring high lubrication and increasing die life.

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With the same volume of release agent applied, COLD FILMING products achieve a greater contact surface.

The Cold Filming technology enables film to be generated at low temperatures, due to the additives it contains.

Technical solutions with Cold Filming technology generate film without the need to apply large quantities of products.

Success Cases

High stability coolants

Application: Machining

Solution: METALCOOL 112


Better finishes, less clogging and higher productivity

Application: High Pressure Die Casting

Solution: CASTFLOW 9000


Recirculation systems with no contamination

Application: High Pressure Die Casting

Solution: CASTFLOW 8058