Our goal is to help our customers improve productivity, results and reduce downtime through a close and quality technical service.

The selection of the most suitable product and its proper performance are the result of an excellent R&D program and an adequate customer support. Our presence in the world’s main industrial clusters allows us to carry out technical inspections and to offer tailor-made solutions in a short period of time in order to achieve the best results.

Our work methodology, our experience and our vocation for continuous improvement make us the perfect partner worldwide.


1. Contact

At Metalflow we are dedicated to analyze each customer’s production process in detail. Understanding and knowing your needs allows us to offer the right technical solution. We carry out an exhaustive data collection to understand your processes and particularities and therefore avoid possible subsequent problems such as downtimes or parts rejection. A correct study is key to obtain the best results.

2. Value proposal

We recommend the most suitable solution taking into account the needs of each client, their goals and the results obtained during the first phase. Each client is different and each situation is unique, that is why our R&D department modifies our formulas until we find the product that best suits the needs of each client and that offers the best results.

3. Start up

The supplier’s involvement in the product testing and demonstration phase is very important. For this reason, in addition to making on-site formulation adjustments, we also carry out training sessions to all the people who will be involved in the use and maintenance of the product, both to transmit the necessary knowledge of handling, functionality and parameterization, and to train them in occupational and environmental safety.

4. Monitoring

One of our main differentiating factors is the constant monitoring and control of the projects we carry out. Our Units all over the world allow us to provide our clients with close and constant support and advice, both to avoid possible unforeseen events and to correct them immediately.

5. Partnership

Our partnership capabilities extend beyond product sales. We provide global lubricant management services (Global Chemical Management) to optimize the daily management of a plant. We also advise and help implement solutions for the recovery and reuse of used products, as well as for the management and treatment of waste.

Success Cases

High stability coolants

Application: Machining

Solution: METALCOOL 112


Better finishes, less clogging and higher productivity

Application: High Pressure Die Casting

Solution: CASTFLOW 9000


Recirculation systems with no contamination

Application: High Pressure Die Casting

Solution: CASTFLOW 8058