1. Produced parts: Aluminium wheels


    Our customer was performing machining operations with different severity grades using various lubricants depending on the severity. They contacted us because they were interested in unifying all the operations under the same product.

    They wanted to facilitate the management of centralized tanks and product recirculation.

    The main premise was to obtain an optimum degree of lubrication under any type of severity.


    Our machining experts made a thorough analysis of the plant’s operation and obtained samples of the lubricants they were using in order to offer the most suitable solution.

    Metalflow’s R&D department developed a semi-synthetic product, METALCOOL 310, based on mineral oil free technology. METALCOOL 310 allows to obtain optimum results in low, medium and high severity processes and ensures a cleaner environment.

  • Optimal results in low, medium and high severity operations.
  • Improved centralized tanks performance
  • Cleaner working environment

Spotless machining and better finishes

Application: Machining

Solution: METALCOOL 312


A machining fluid for any severity

Application: Machining

Solution: METALCOOL 310

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