1. Produced parts: Seatbelt spool


    Our customer was working with a METALCOOL lubricant for machining aluminum parts.

    The results on the parts were as desired but they contacted us because they wanted to start working with a product that guarantees a safer working space and more respectful conditions for the workers.


    Our R&D department conducted several tests to develop a lubricant that would have the same properties as the one they were using but would be boron, formaldehyde, chlorides, amines and other harmful compounds free.

    Finally they proposed METALCOOL 311 lubricant with BIO FIT technology, a more respectful formula but with excellent properties. A Metalflow technician went to the customer’s plant to test the product and adjust it to ensure that the desired results were obtained.

    With a BIO FIT lubricant, our customer managed to maintain the same quality standards while reducing occupational hazards and the environmental impact generated.

  • Optimum results
  • Better working conditions
  • Less environmental impact

A machining fluid for any severity

Application: Machining

Solution: METALCOOL 310


Spotless machining and better finishes

Application: Machining

Solution: METALCOOL 312