1. Porduced parts: Gearbox


    Our customer, dedicated to the production of gearboxes, contacted us because the release agent they were working with had very low stability, was generating rust in the die, and causing defects in the parts.

    He wanted to replace the current lubricant with one that would increase the lifetime of the die, avoid product contamination in the tank and allow to work easily with a recirculation system. Since these problems were increasing production costs and downtimes considerably.


    A technician from Metalflow visited the customer’s plant to analyze the processes, the working conditions and to find out what could be causing these problems.

    Our R&D team conducted several tests with the competitor’s lubricant and recommended CASTFLOW 8058 release agent with Bioshield technology, a product specially designed for the manufacture of highly demanding structural parts.

    Release agents with Bioshield technology prevent product contamination in the tank and improve product stability even when working with recirculating systems.

    A customized follow-up of the product implementation was carried out and after several months of work it was observed that no corrosion appeared in the die, the lubrication was improved and the contamination in the tank had disappeared. With the new lubricant, our customer was able to increase productivity and reduce the costs caused by maintenance stops.

  • Longer die life
  • Long-lasting reléase agent
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced downtimes

No clogging or maintenance

Application: High Pressure Die Casting

Solution: CASTFLOW 8110


Increased productivity with Ready to Use release agents

Application: High Pressure Die Casting

Solution: CASTFLOW CONC 8954


High working temperatures and no soldering

Application: High Pressure Die Casting

Solution: CASTFLOW 8950