1. Produced parts: Automotive structural parts


    Our customer contacted us because they wanted to increase their productivity and reduce their costs. The release agent they were working with was giving good results but was causing damage to the dies and problems of contamination in the dilution tanks.


    A Metalflow’s structural parts specialist went to the customer’s plant to learn all about their production process and to make a complete evaluation. During the visit he detected that the damage caused in the die was a consequence of the thermal shock produced by the contact of the lubricant with the surface of the die. It was also observed that there were some residues in the die that were causing maintenance downtimes.

    Our laboratory recommended  CASTFLOW CONC 8954 with Ready To Use technology. Ready To Use release agents are super-concentrated, water-based, direct-applied release agents that do not require cooling and avoid a drastic drop in the die temperature, preventing the appearance of cracks.

    As they are superconcentrated products, they do not need to go through a dilution process and therefore eliminate the risk of bacterial attacks and reduce processes and cycle times.

    Our specialized technician monitored the transition to the new release agent and was able to verify an improvement in results and a significant reduction cost.

  • Drastic reduction of processes and cycle time
  • Longer die life
  • No residues on parts or dies
  • Compatible with standard die heads

High working temperatures and no soldering

Application: High Pressure Die Casting

Solution: CASTFLOW 8950


No clogging or maintenance

Application: High Pressure Die Casting

Solution: CASTFLOW 8110