1. Parts produced: 4-cylinder engine block
    2. Machinery: Bulher 2500 Tm


    Our customer contacted us because they were experiencing soldering problems on the dies after implementing a new production line.

    In order to achieve optimal results, they needed to complement the automatic application with manual application every 3 cycles and clean the mold every other production shift. This was affecting productivity and increasing the cost of production.


    Our technical expert highlighted two aspects to be improved: the release agent wetting temperature and the lubricating properties. After analyzing the production parameters and the current release agent, Metalflow’s R&D team recommended CASTFLOW 8950 release agent with UHT technology. UHT technology allows working at high temperatures without experiencing soldering problems.

  • Increased release power
  • Reduction of soldering problems with the same dilution rate
  • Higher wetting temperature
  • Better results on the parts

Increased productivity with Ready to Use release agents

Application: High Pressure Die Casting

Solution: CASTFLOW CONC 8954


No clogging or maintenance

Application: High Pressure Die Casting

Solution: CASTFLOW 8110