1. Produced parts: Aluminium alternator case
    2. Machine: 5-axis CNC

    Our customer was performing Face-turning, Drilling and Tapping operations with a soluble coolant at 10-12% a concentration but was experiencing several problems, such as poor emulsion stability, bacterial contamination, strong odors, insufficient lubricity at tapping

    When he contacted us our goal was to ensure the stability of the emulsion and its resistance to bacterial attack. In addition to providing the necessary lubrication in all operations, ensuring the correct chip evacuation and a good maintenance of the tools over time.


    A machining operations specialist from the Metalflow team analyzed the conditions and work processes and recommended METALCOOL 112 at an 8-10% concentration. METALCOOL 112 is a solution formulated with synthetic esters and high lubrication additives.

    The results improved rapidly, the emulsion did not present any stability or separation problems and no creams, foams or soaps appeared. The finishes on the parts also improved thanks to the optimal chip evacuation.

    In addition, there was a decrease in product consumption, which also helped to reduce costs.

  • Fully satisfactory finishing of workpieces
  • Excellent microbiological control
  • Stable emulsion, no foam at very low water hardness (3-4°fH).

Spotless machining and better finishes

Application: Machining

Solution: METALCOOL 312


A machining fluid for any severity

Application: Machining

Solution: METALCOOL 310