1. Produced parts: Engine block


    Our customer contacted us because they were experiencing filter clogging which was causing maintenance downtime. With the lubricant they were using machines had to be shut down every other shift for 30 minutes to perform superficial cleaning and every other day to repair and replace the clogged filters.

    The rate of downtime caused significant increases in production costs and reduced the plant’s productivity.


    A consultant from the Metalflow team went to our customer’s facilities to examine their process and working conditions.  After analyzing the production parameters and the release agent in use at the Metaflow laboratory, the R&D team recommended a CASTFLOW 9000 with WAX FREE technology.

    WAX FREE lubricants are products designed to prevent residue build-up and avoid filter clogging especially in the cold parts of the die.

    After a few months working with Metalflow’s wax-free release agent, downtime was radically reduced and part finishes improved, increasing productivity and profits.

  • Less clogging of nozzles and filters
  • Increased production
  • Downtime’s reduction

Increased productivity with Ready to Use release agents

Application: High Pressure Die Casting

Solution: CASTFLOW CONC 8954


High working temperatures and no soldering

Application: High Pressure Die Casting

Solution: CASTFLOW 8950


Flame-retardant and protective hydraulic fluids

Application: High Pressure Die Casting

Solution: HYDROFLOW HFC 46