Industrial Lubricants

Provide the highest performance, complying with ISO and DIN international regulations

METALFLOW industrial lubricants are the result of decades of experience in the fields of design, development, and manufacturing of technical lubricants for the metal industry.
Release agents and auxiliary products with technological character that  incorporate the latest advances in lubricant formulations to improve the efficiency and reliability of hydraulic mechanisms and equipments in order to minimize the time and costs of maintenance.
Long-lasting solutions that help our clients with their waste management and allow them to comply with the most demanding environmental standards.

Hydraulic Fluids

The HYDROFLOW product family is comprised of highly refined oils and water based solutions, formulated to optimize the power transmission required in different applications and sectors: automotive, metallurgical, aerospace, agricultural and industrial machinery, among others. Moving parts are permanently lubricated to ensure the hydraulic system’s perfect performance under any work rhythm.

Gear Oils

GEARFLOW products contain high-performance additives intended to reduce friction and dissipate heat in order to prevent premature system wear, corrosion and the appearance of scratches and chips, among other problems.
Our formulations allow working in extreme conditions ensuring the necessary thermostability at all times, even with fast rotation speed and high loads.

ISO VG Viscosity Viscosity Index Extreme Pressure Freezing Point NºC

Synthetic oil for gears, gearboxes, automotive and industrial equipment differentials.

150-680 >130 -18

Mineral oil for industrial gear units. Gears with high load, temperature, and speed performance.

100-320 >90 -10

Slideway Oils

The SLIDEFLOW product family is comprised of products formulated with highly refined oils, friction modifiers, and brand-new extreme pressure additives. The demulsifier power facilitates coolant separation, preventing microorganism growth.
SLIDEFLOW products ensure perfect lubrication, preventing the stick-slip effect and protecting against rust. Its excellent adherence provides a high water-proof resistance as well as optimal stability when used on vertical slideways.

ISO VG Viscosity Viscosity Index Extreme Pressure Freezing Point NºC

Sliding and slipping slideways mineral oil. Antirust and anti-wear capacity and low friction coefficient.

32-220 >95 -10

Chain Oils

The CHAINFLOW product family is comprised of high-quality synthetic oils and anticorrosion and anti-wear additives. They are specially designed to offer high performance under severe temperature, pressure and speed conditions thanks to its stickiness and high flash point.

ISO VG Viscosity Viscosity Index Extreme Pressure Freezing Point NºC

Synthetic oil with anti-wear properties for transport and drag chains of any equipment. Extreme conditions.

100-320 >80 -20

Thermic Oils

The THERMICFLOW product family ensures fast and excellent heat transference and high antirust protection to the machinery in a wide range of temperatures. It also guarantees the oils’ long-life
cycle, requiring less replacement and reducing maintenance costs.

Base ISO VG Viscosity Viscosity Index Working Temperature ºC

Aceite transmisor de temperatura para cualquier requerimiento e industria (química, metalúrgica, textil, papelera, maderera, construcción, etc.).

Oil Mineral 30-60 >95 100-350

Oil Synthetic 20 70 100-350

Other Oils

We provide a wide range of technical spindle oils, air compressor
oils, as well as oils and greases for general lubrication, suitable for different applications and sectors.

Base ISO VG Viscosity Viscosity Index Extreme Pressure

General lubrication for industrial machines and power transmission.

Mineral Oil 68-220 >90

Grease n/a n/a

High-speed oil (6.000 – 50.000 rpm) for machine tools: spindles, sliding bearings of rolling elements and automatic clutches

Mineral Oil 2-22 n/a

Boundary Lubrication Additives The

The MPD additive product family is comprised of colloidal dispersions of solid lubricants formulated to achieve a high stability of its dispersed particles.
Additionally, MPD additives optimize the products’ performance where they are incorporated and reduce premature wear by avoiding friction between metallic parts through boundary lubrication technology.

Solid Lubricant Oil Base Water Base Solvent Base Particle Size μm % Solids

Engine, gear and slideway oils. General lubrication, anti-welding.

Boron nitride <1 1-30

Engine, gear and slideway oils. General lubrication oils.

Graphite <3 1-50

Engine and slideway oils. General lubrication oils.

Molybdenum Sulfide <4 1-20

Gear and slideway oils. General lubrication.

Teflon <1 1-20

Gear and slideway oils. General lubrication.

Boron nitride + Teflon <1 1-30