Specific formulas for parts, tanks and circuits cleaning.

METALFLOW cleaners are the result of decades of experience in the fields of design, development, and manufacturing of technical agents designed to clean metallic surfaces.
The METALCLEAN range is comprised of cleaners formulated with aqueous solutions or organic solvents designed to provide the metalworking industry with all types of degreasing and disinfecting solutions for pieces and circuits. They act on ferrous and non-ferrous metals at different temperatures and under any application system.
Solutions with technological character that help our clients with their waste management and allow them to comply with the most demanding environmental standards.

Part and surface cleaners

La gama METALCLEAN está compuesta por detergentes formulados con disoluciones acuosas o con disolventes orgánicos, destinados a proveer a la industria metalúrgica todo tipo de soluciones de desengrase y desinfección para piezas y circuitos. Actuando tanto en metales férreos como no férreos, a distintas temperaturas y bajo cualquier sistema de aplicación.
Soluciones con carácter tecnológico que facilitan a nuestros clientes la gestión de residuos y el cumplimiento de las normativas medioambientales más exigentes.

  • High degreasing power, remove dust and residues of soluble products or pure oils.
  • Suitable for any type of metal and for different washing temperatures.
  • Excellent anticorrosion protection after washing.
  • Productivity increasement.
  • Meet different environmental and safety standards.
  • Optimal decontamination of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi from machines and circuits.
Temperature ºC Spray Dipping Manual Recirculation

Aqueous alkaline degreasing agent for industrial cleaning of machined parts, suitable for ultrasounds. Ideal for aluminum alloys.


Aqueous alkaline degreasing agent for industrial cleaning of machined parts, suitable for ultrasounds. Ideal for ferrous alloys.


Solvent-based degreasing agent for industrial cleaning.

Room Temperature

Lemon-scented solvent-based daily surface degreaser.

Room Temperature

Cleaning and disinfecting agent for tanks and circuits.

Room Temperature